For the first time in history, Korbella™ offers jewelry that actually contains a genuine piece of the Eiffel Tower, the most perfect, iconic representation of Paris. 

We launched Korbella™ with a very clear mission: to create unique and truly beautiful jewelry that would touch people's hearts and let them connect with the romance and mystique of Paris---and with their own cherished memories. Our journey began with a particularly memorable visit to Paris, not long ago. 

Our horse-drawn carriage edged up to the base of the Eiffel Tower after a perfect day of roaming the streets of Paris: blue skies, a crisp breeze, gemstone-colored macaroons from a pâtisserie, shared laughs over earnest attempts to speak the language, and myriad once-in-a-lifetime memories made. My young daughter, Samantha, wearing a broad smile and dreamy look—gazed up in awe at the beauty of the magnificent Iron Lady before her and said, ‘Daddy, I’d really like to live in Paris one day, can we do that?’ My wife looked on, smiling knowingly, awaiting my response. I squeezed Samantha's hand tightly and replied, ‘Sure, sweetheart, anything is possible’, and the three of us set off, together, to explore the Eiffel Tower.  I didn't want that moment to end. 

Our family has many treasured memories of our time in Paris, and we when we sought a special souvenir to commemorate the occasion, we couldn't find anything equal to the task. So we took it upon ourselves to create something truly special---fine fashion jewelry made from the Eiffel Tower itself.

The initial question was: how do we get a piece of the Eiffel Tower; is that even possible? 

It turns out the answer was "yes"---when the Eiffel Tower's original spiral staircase was removed in 1983, it was cut into 24 segments: one segment remains on permanent display at the Eiffel Tower, still sporting its original vermilion color, and three others were donated to French museums. 

The remaining 20 elements were auctioned off and scattered across the globe.  All we had to do was track down one of these rare needles, somewhere in the global haystack!  Fortune smiled upon us and we were able to locate a staircase segment that had been featured in an episode of the National Geographic Channel® television show, Pricing the Priceless (2011).  The episode captured footage of the staircase being cut apart: the owner successfully auctioned the lower portion through renowned auction house Christie's in June 2011, and Korbella acquired its companion (upper portion) segment from the same seller in late 2011.

After months of research and development, we're thrilled to share Korbella's flagship Eiffel Tower Forever collection with romantics, idealists, and dreamers worldwide who have fond memories of their time in Paris, or who aspire to make the trip.

Whatever your vision of Paris might be, let your unique and rare piece of Korbella™ jewelry serve as a symbolic vessel for you to fill with your own dreams and memories. Korbella™ invites you to discover 'What your heart will remember.' We look forward to hearing your stories. 

May you always hold Paris in your heart and in your dreams... 

Paul Michael Bedell 
Chief Marketing Officer, Korbella