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Classic charm bracelet
J'aime Paris / I Love Paris Bracelet
List Price: $295.00

GENUINE & UNIQUE EIFFEL TOWER ARTIFACT. Limited production. Rhodium charm bracelet.

Beautiful, classic charm bracelet featuring three charms inspired by Paris and playfully interpreted by Korbella:
  • A sleek and contemporary Eiffel Tower; the most perfect icon of Paris.
  • A heart-shaped padlock, capturing the spirit of the Pont des Arts and its "love locks." For those of you who haven't heard, here's the story: couples write their names on a padlock and lock it to one of the bridges, throwing away the key into the Seine River to symbolize their everlasting love!
  • A quatrefoil (from Latin, meaning "four leaves"), updated with Korbella's signature latticework design, and containing a precious piece of genuine iron from the Eiffel Tower!
Some of the earliest quatrefoils were found in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris in 1260. Some cultures believe the four petals represent the four corners of the earth, while others view it as a symbol of good fortune. The appealing proportions and symmetry have also come to symbolize harmony, and the design has found its way into art, architecture, luxury fashion and accessories all over the world.
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