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Original Eiffel Tower spiral
staircase with paint removed.

Removing welds that have lasted
for more than 100 years.

Carefully removing segments
that will become beautiful
jewelry & precious keepsakes.

Eiffel Tower staircase tread:
Gustave Eiffel & early visitors
ascended the tower
via this step.


21st century technology
meets 19th century iron.


A jeweler's saw
ensures precise cuts.

Hand sanding of
Eiffel Tower "diamonds."


Eiffel Tower "diamonds" before final

fitting and finishing.


Early sketch of "Paris Dreams."






More detailed rendering
as the design evolves.


"Lost wax" metal casting; a process

that has endured since ancient times.

A casting "work in progress."


Handcrafting the model for the

signature Korbella heart dangle.